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There Are Many Ways To Get It Done!  We don't believe in teaching a "Cookie-Cutter" One Size Fits All Type Golf Swing. We attempt to take your current swing and provide insight & instruction on how to improve your stroke and make it more consistent.

One of our Biggest Challenges with golfers who've played for any length of time is to remove all the misinformation and misconceptions they have about how they're SUPPOSED TO SWING THE CLUB! There's actually as many ways to swing a club as there are Golfers. Look at the PGA Tour and you'll see what we're talking about. Many Very Successful Players have what  would be consider Untraditional Golf Swings.


  1. Jim Furyk
  2. Bryson DeChambeau
  3. John Daly
  4. Raymond Floyd

Our Point Is This. While all of these individual swings look totally different, when you actually dissect them on video you'll find there ARE a few common positions that EVERYONE of them hit.

This simply confirms our philosophy that to have a solid, controllable, powerful swing - There ARE Certain Positions every golfer who wants to improve MUST ACHIEVE.

The Good News is that these positions are few, easily learned and are able to be rapidly incorporated into ANY golfers current swing!

With a few Proven Adjustments you can be playing the Very Best Golf of You Life in a short period of time.




Practice Doesn't Make Perfect. Practice Makes Permanent.


You can practice poorly 12 hours a day and you will still play poor golf.

Or You Can practice for 20 minutes, twice a week PROPERLY and quickly get Considerably Better!!

Proven Technical Adjustments

Change Your Game For Life

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Innovative Adjustments


Take Away or 1/2 Way Back Position

The take away or half way position occurs from the ball to about waist high in the back swing - in a slow deliberate fashion. Focusing on proper alignment and keeping the club in front of your body. Rushing the club to this position causes a number of swing faults.

Here you can pre-set the top position. The back of the wrist will be flat and matching the club head. The shaft will be parallel to the ground and pointing directly down the target line. Creating the correct geometry for a nice straight golf shot.


Move To The Top

From half way back, the swing is continued with a level hip turn to the top of the backswing. You gain absolutely nothing by making a rapid forced movement at this point.

Achieving the sloted top position will depend on several factors - Body Type, Flexibility, Etc. The top position is again achieved in a deliberate fashion. From there we transition into the downswing.


Top Into Impact

The first move down is achieved by simply allowing the club to drop naturally. Letting gravity do it's thing!

From this sequencing, addition power is generated with an attached body move. Incorporating the larger muscle groups of the body. Centrifugal force is maximized to provide the most powerful and accurate swing motion.


Solid Balanced Finish

From impact to finish is acomplished in a controled balance manner. An Innovative Golfer never attempts to "Hit" the golf ball.

We make a fluid motion through the ball, a Swing not a Hit! When done correctly the ball simply gets in the way of the golf club. You never attempt to hit or steer the ball. The finish position itself is accomplished by way of complete weight transfer imparting maximum energy into the shot.

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