Innovative Golf Instruction

How's It Different?

Innovative Golf's New Patented Swing Technique Is Unique


 * It's Simplified & Compact - Easy On The Body

 * It's Accurate - Take Dead Aim

 * It's Powerful - Reclaim Lost Distance

 * Most Important - It's Repeatable





The Golf Swing Is Nothing More Than Geometry & Physics

                                                                       Geometry relates to Positions, Alignments & Angles that need to be established at address and maintained throughout the Golf Swing

                  Physics relates to Motion & Movement. Dictating sequencing, path of the clubhead, angle of approach into impact, proper release mechanics and fluid motion to a balanced finished.

 Our patented technique makes subtle, but significant adjustments to the "typical" golf swing. Producing a much more powerful, accurate and repeatable swing.

                                                   We offer a Complimentary Initial Consultation. An opportunity for you to view your current swing in High Definition Video.

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