Golf Instructors'

Dirty Little Secrets

It's Really Not Their Fault - They're Just Teaching You How They Learned

The Same Swing


Golf Instruction Hasn't Fundamentally Changed In The Last 50 Years


While Their Technique Produced Beautifully Flowing Swings, Impeccable Timing Was Required That Took Untold Years Of Practice. Today's Modern Golfer Simply Doesn't Have That Kind Of Time.

One unspoken "rule" that  most PGA Instructors today adhere to is the Drip, Drip, Drip method of golf instruction. The stated concept has always been that they "Don't Want To Over Load You Or Give You Too Much To Think About".  Wrong, it's called Job Security. It's for their benefit - Not Yours!  Dripping information insures you come back.  Here Are Other Common Misconceptions.

  * The Golf Swing Is Extremely Technical
  * It Takes Years Of Practice To Perfect
  * There's One Way To Correctly Swing The Club
  * Slow & Low - One Piece Takeaway


There's always been a certain mystique to golf and golf instructors. I mean they must know some "Secrets" that will help you paly better - Right? Why else would you pay them to teach you. The truth is they actually do know a Secret. It's Simply How To Self Correct Your Golf Swing. Once you learn to be an Innovative Golfer you too will know the "Secret".


Innovative Golf teaches you the limited number of positions required,  in a manner you'll easily be able to tell when you're doing it right  and when you do it wrong - the steps to take to correct it.


Our goal is simple "To Give You The Keys To The Castle".  With Innovative Golf there's no need to continually see an Instructor. You can be your own instructor once you know how.  Rapidly correcting your swing flaws and creating a dependable, easily repeatable swing at will.  We appologize in advance to our fellow Golf Instructors, but the time has come "To Tell The Truth"!


You Will Be The Best Instructor You Ever Had


There's literally thousands of books and videos out there that "help" you learn the golf swing, each may have their own twist - but they're all basically still trying to teach the same swing. The same one their fathers and instructors taught them. The same one you grandfather taught your father, Etc. It MUST be correct - Right? WRONG! Innovative Golf now empowers the golfers as opposed to enriching the Golf Instructors. We put the power of knowledge & technology in YOUR hands.

Technology & Innovation




Everything about the modern game of golf has evolved and progressed.  So why hasn't the way we teach the Golf Swing? We suggest the "typical" method doesn't take advantage of all the technical advancements in balls, equipment and the way we learn. Now there's a Better Way . Innovative Golf!!


  Unique Innovative Swing Technology



We believe the Golf Swing is nothing more that Geometry & Physics. Setting Up And Maintaining Certain Lines & Angle Throughout The Swing. Once you understand "YOUR" swing requirements given your personal charteristics, much of the mystery of Golf is easily solved. You'll know without a doubt your making YOUR proper move, almost on auto-piolt. Freeing your mind to become "Target Oriented = Lower Scores", again almost on auto-pilot.

The confidence you develop upon seeing the results and starting to finally trust your swing,  translates directly in to Better Scores & More Fun!! Simply removing the confusion - frees you from the lifetime of inconsistent information you've received. Clarity in thought produces Great Golf!

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