Learning To Shoot Lower Scores Mentally

Is Not As Difficult As You Think

The Innovative Golfer's Secret Weapon - Golf Psychology


 Traditional Golf Instruction focuses heavily on mechanical details & positions to encourage Clients to make the "Proper" swing motion.

 It's all of this unnecessary mental luggage most amateur golfers carry to the course with them that produces such poor golf.

 Due to the "so-called" technical difficulty of the golf swing most golfers rely on a mental checklist before each shot, To Get It Right .

 Virtually guaranteeing themselves Poor Performance, Mental Confusion and Frustration. "What am I doing wrong? Maybe it's............."

Innovative Golf Was Founded On The Principle That A Confident, Relaxed, Focused Mind Produces The Best Golf

Our Professional Instructors will teach you to be extremely focused without being mentally paralyzed.

The Human Mind Is An Unbelievable Machine

Ever considered that, as humans, we only use approximately 12% of our brain and those are mathematicians and scientist.

Why Is That? Is it that we don't want to "Use Anymore" or maybe we feel that's "All We Need".

We suggest that it's not that we don't want to use more or think it's enough, rather "Most Just Don't Know How To Use More"!

We Provide Sports Psychology Instruction In The Following Areas

                                     * Routine Development                                                                                  * Calming The Clear

                                     * Visualization                                                                                                 * Quite The Deamons

                                    * Creative & Effective Imagination                                                                 * Confidence On Call

                                     * Releasing & Replacing Self Destructive Thoughts                                  * Allow The Subconcious Mind

                                     * Mental Practice Shots                                                                                 * Play Within Your Abilities

                                     * The Golfer's Self Fullfilling Prophecy                                                        * Recover From Blow-Up Holes

You Could Be A Better Golfer In 10 Minutes Without Ever Leaving Home


We're Fortunate To Have An I.G.P.A. International Golf Psychology, Board Certified Expert, On Staff

Our Highly Trained Staff Will Show You How To Unleash Your True Golfing Potential

No longer will your mind be like an over-stuffed rolodex of random Swing Thoughts.

With you frantically scrolling through it in sequence, attempting not to miss anything- before EVERY shot.

You'll learn how to focus on the shot at hand more like seeing a wonderful open ocean view at sunset.

With joyful anticipation of the sun going down or the felling from the fantastic results of your next shot!

   Learn How To Better Control Your Mind & Your Golf Game

You Can Choose To Allow Your Mind Be The Best Part Of Your Game or The Worst

     Learn The Secrets Of The Pros - From The Pros

Harness Your Mind To Play Confident, Relaxed, Enjoyable & Low Scoring Golf



                                                                                                                        Dr. Gio Vilante - Fearless Golf

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