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Fully Equiped Golf Traning Center

Our Private Lessons Are Conducted In The Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Training Center, At Local Course Or During On-Location Seminars Held Worldwide. Member's Only Detailed Online Instruction Can Be Accessed Globally With A Secure Internet Connection. (Available 2nd Quarter 2017) VIP Members Can Upload Swing Video To Be Analyzed & Returned with detailed Instruction

Tools Of The Trade

Video Capture & Simulation

V1 Golf

V1 Pro HD Video Capture

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The #1 Video Analysis Software In Sports

Par T Golf

Pat-T-Golf Double Eagle Simulator

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The Best Golf Simulation Equipment In The World

Lied To

Cutting Edge Proforma Conditioning Equipment

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Cardio, Flexibility & Strength Training

"We Have All The Equipment Necessary To Assist You In Rapidly Improving Your Game"

For Those With An Active Life And Limited Time We Offer A Locker Room, Private Shower & Bath. Take A Lesson Before Or After Work

Online Clients Who Vist Hawaii Are Encouraged To Stop In And Get To Know Us. Better Yet - Book A Lesson With The Instructors Who Created The Technique.

We Encourage All Innovative Golfers To Visit The Big Island To Experience The Sheer Beauty Of Some Of The Premier Courses On The Planet

We're Proud To Display Our Credentials, Certifications, Trophies, Photos And Other Golf Memorabilia Throughout The Training Center


We've Been Fortunate To Have Worked With, Played With And Learned From Some Of The Top Names In Golf - Players / Instructors / Sport Psychologist

It's Been Our Great Honor

To Meet And Talk Golf With Some Of The Best Players In The Game



Our Goal Is Simple / To Be The Very Best

We adhere strictly to the code of Conduct & Ethics as outlined by the PGA of America, United States Golf Teachers Federation, International Golf Psychology Association and the United States Golf Association, USGA.

We're proud to display our acomplishments and credentials throughout the Traning Center.

We operate by one simple rule, The Client Is ALWAYS Our Top Priority.

Proven Results

We've Had The Pleasure To Work With & Improve Golfers Of Every Skill Level

From absolute Beginner to Touring Pros, the techniques we teach improve the athlete's performance and enjoyment of the game at every level. The Innovative Golf Swing requires a golfer to play Focused, Relaxed, Confident Golf.

The results are rewarding and rapid. The simplicity of the swing encourages a golfer to become more Target Oriented and to think much less about swing mechanics. To basically Get Out Of Their Own Way!

We've witnessed 20 handicap golfers quickly become 5 Handicapers and 10 handicap players become scratch golfers in a short period of time. Our results speak for themselves. If you're ready to take your game to the Next Level, contact us today and find out about our PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT GURANTEE ! We dare you to find that ANYWHERE else!

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Online Instruction Will Be Available 2nd. Quarter 2017

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